Not just a house but a home!


Tarva-Element has grown out of the long-standing construction company Tarva-Ehitus. Tarva-Element produces prefabricated and modular houses, which are usually completed according to the customer’s project. If you have no idea or project, you will definitely find a suitable house among our partner’s standard projects. The home is not only a house, but also other things that belong to it, such as a sauna, garage, basement, terrace and certainly no landscaping.

Dwelling house




What we do

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We are preparing a project

A good idea needs to be implemented.The house will be built for decades, and for your home to be comfortable, functional and look good, our designer and architect will always help.
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We produce

Quality work requires high-quality materials and good working conditions. All elements of Tarva-Element houses are made in dry indoor conditions and from domestically controlled materials.

We install

The smaller prefabricated house will be produced in 3-5 weeks and it can be installed on the site in 2-4 days.During the production of the elements, all preparations for the installation of the house can be made on the construction site.

Our partners

Cave saunas

Storage rooms

Living rooms

These are the main keywords to characterize the creation of the Revonia team. Since the home also has a proper basement or an eye-catching cave sauna, in cooperation with Revonia we offer just such home solutions.

Expertises & building audits

Planning & owner surveillance

General construction


Tarva-Ehitus helps to install our houses and, if necessary, from the foundation to the turnkey readiness.

Quick installation

Maintenance free

Large selection of colors

MKM Trading Group sells and installs the thermal insulation and finishing system Termosanige. This material can also be used to complete the wall of a modular house, as a result of which the prefabricated house looks like a classic brick-faced house.




This is not enough to summarize the selection of Z500 standard projects. To find your dream home, all you have to do is enter your parameters in the search, find the one that suits you best in the results. If necessary, we help to make changes / additions.

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